Control Snake Infestations in your Northern Virginia Home

Snake problems - how to avoid and remedy

Snakes deserve respect just like any other species in the animal kingdom, but that respect is not synonymous with an open invitation into your home. Putting a stop to an out-of-control pest problem can be a difficult task if you do not know what you’re doing. Furthermore, improperly defending your property can cause expensive damage or even injury. In order for you to adequately control the snake infestations in your Northern Virginia home, you are first going to need to follow some simple steps.

Confirming there is a Snake Problem

Before you take any action to prevent, manage, or eliminate a pest infestation, you have to make sure that there is a problem to begin with. Snakes can be quite sneaky and hard to find, which means you might have to try extra hard to determine whether or not you need to seek a solution. If you see a lot of snakes on your property, find holes in the yard, or hear rustling noises from within your walls you probably need professional help.

How to Eradicate the Snake Infestation

When you are unable to control snake infestations in your Northern Virginia home you can become quite terrified. Knowing how to eradicate the problem is essential to getting your home and your sanity back. There are lots of different methods you could use, from traps to poisons. In fact, you can even choose more environmentally friendly solutions by using integrated pest control services. Whatever you decide, you will want to make sure it is effective at both getting rid of the problem and preventing it from happening again.

When to Contact a Wildlife Control Expert

At some point you may think that contacting a wildlife control expert might be the best plan of action in order to control snake infestations in your Northern Virginia home. This particular part of the country is inundated with all sorts of animal species; and so, the experts are trained to know exactly what needs to be done to eliminate the problem, all while keeping the majestic ecosystem intact. If you feel as though your pest prevention measures are not working, or if you see that your actions are causing avoidable damage to your property or surroundings, then it’s time you called for backup. It is way better to be safe than to be sorry, especially in a situation involving snakes.

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  • David Anker says:

    Mr. Lehman,

    I have a house in Woodbridge, which I have moved out of and wish to put on the market. There is some trash in the shed. Last month, after starting to remove some of the trash, I saw a small black snake, and so I was afraid to continue cleaning up the shed. I also had a contractor doing some mold remediation in the house, and I mentioned the snake to the contractor. Some days later, he told me that his workers had caught the snake in the house. Although at first I thought the problem had been solved, it then occurred to me that there might have been more than one snake on the property. Now I am worried again, and afraid to touch the trash bags that remain in the shed. I am still unsure of whether there is still a snake on my property. I would like a definite answer as to whether a snake is still there. I think that the remaining trash bags should be removed only by people having appropriate knowledge and protective clothing. I am concerned that moving a trash bag might have the effect of disturbing any snake that is there. Can you help? I would like to get this resolved before putting the house on the market. Thank you.

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