Nuisance Wildlife Species Leave Signs that Spring is Here

There are many ways to tell, including nuisance wildlife, that the spring season is coming.  Some signs are more pleasant than others, and while we enjoy the blossoming flowers, the swaying trees, the singing birds, and the gradually warming weather, there is a frenzy of wildlife activity that could eventually become a problem in your yard as the season progresses.  Understanding these signs can help you to prevent any unwanted wildlife intrusion or infestation.

Squirrel Savvy

You might start to notice some squirrels scurrying up and down trees and power lines right about now; and that is a sure sign of the coming spring.  However, these sightings are usually only during weather that is pleasant.  This means that a large group of squirrels could be secretly making a home in your yard throughout the rough spring weather without your knowledge.  Try looking for an abundance of nuts or holes on your property.  That will help you to better assess your squirrel situation.

Snakes for Goodness Sakes

Not many people wish to have an infestation of snakes on their property, regardless of how much they love wildlife.  Snakes can be dangerous; and they can also be viable signs that spring is around the corner.  Coming out of hibernation, these animals will begin looking for food on your property with little regard for you or your loved ones.  Checking your yard for snake holes, slither paths, and droppings can help keep things under control.  As an added measure of preventative maintenance, keep your grass cut down as far as possible so that the snakes can’t easily hide.

Raccoon Ready

The typical raccoon really doesn’t care; it will rummage through your garbage while you stare it in the face.  As spring approaches, more and more of these brave little critters will be coming out of the northern Virginia wilderness; and you will need to be ready.  Unless you want your property overcome or destroyed by this animal, having the proper training and experience will lend itself to effective preservation.  Raccoons are a hearty breed of wildlife that require several levels of deterrent to adequately repel them.  You are going to need to ready yourself with loads of patience, fortitude, and the proper knowledge as spring brings the rains and raccoons.

After all, there is always a way to live harmoniously alongside the local wildlife.

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