3 Reasons Why Foxes Return to Your Northern Virginia Home

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Your home is probably quite a beautiful place, especially if you live in northern Virginia. Then it only makes sense that certain species of wildlife might find your property just as appealing. Regardless of your tiresome efforts, you might have noticed that foxes keep coming back. Why is that? Well, the answer is pretty simple. There are three main reasons why foxes return to your Northern Virginia home time and time again; and it is not because they love what you’ve done with the landscaping.

Now you see Foxes, now you don’t . . .

You have done your best to get rid of all the foxes on your property, but you still see them coming back time and time again. Why is that? Well, it boils down to the fact that your home is seen as a safe place for them to be. If you want to remedy the problem, simply make it so that it is no longer the case. Foxes are predatory animals, and if their natural habitat is no longer serving them they will move somewhere that is more beneficial to the pack. If you are wondering why foxes continually return to your Northern Virginia home, then that may very well be one of the causes.

The Remedies of Insanity

Most people will continue to perform the same remedies on their property with the hopes that one of them might finally work for good. This insane approach to pest and wildlife control can not only drive you mad, but it can also leave a window of opportunity open for the local foxes. These animals are not stupid; and eventually, they will figure out what you’re doing and they will develop a way around it. When survival is the name of the game, you had better come to war with more than the same old predictable measures.

When to Contact a Wildlife Control Expert

There might come a point when you have done all you can and even tried groundbreaking remedies to no avail. Aside from going insane or feeling defeated and simply living with the issue, you can always call a wildlife control expert for some assistance. You would be surprised by the knowledge these professionals have, and how they can help your problems go away for good.

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  • Charlie says:

    Think I have a fox den under my shed. Also have a lab – so want to remove permanently. Can we set up appointment for this week? Earlier the better? What is cost? Thank you, Charlie

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