Skunk Problem on Your Northern Virginia Property? When to Hire a Professional

Skunks use their odor for protection - skunk striped visit property signs master trapper wildlife control expert help

“Oh boy, a skunk!” said nobody ever. These animals may very well deserve your respect but you do not deserve the torture of smelling their stench or putting up with their mess. If you have a skunk problem on your northern Virginia property, you might want to start thinking about a solution immediately. It may only take a second to spook a skunk into spraying its defenses, but the odor that is left behind in their frightened wake can last for hours.

Is it one skunk, just a few, or many?

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether you have just one stinky skunk on your property or many. Often, simply looking can render no useful results, and you are left with guessing as to how big your problem really is. Setting traps can help you figure things out, but it is not the solution. Poisons can only be used with extreme caution and the environment is always a factor. Finding out how many skunks you have on your Northern Virginia property often takes some creativity and finesse. In fact, it may even require some professional help.

Have you done all you can?

Making sure that you have done everything in your power to prevent, manage, or eliminate your skunk problem is of monumental importance. Before you begin to panic, you first need to know if there are any other measures that can be taken to ensure that the problem does not keep coming back. Skunks are hearty animals which often require even heartier defenses; and it is highly likely that your stuff appears quite attractive to them. Take some time to make sure that both your home and your property have been properly protected.

When to Contact a Wildlife Control Expert

There comes a time when you may have to contact a professional to help you rid your property of skunks as effectively and safely as possible. If you see an abundance of skunks, it is a clear sign that you need assistance. However, that may not be the case and you may be left with only your sense of smell to guide you. Seeing your garbage messed with is another indication that you have an issue. Luckily, the act of contacting an expert can help you to figure out if you have a problem or not.

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  • Patty says:

    We have a family of skunks under our deck. Been there for about 2 months. Paid a Professional to assist, they set traps, only caught a bird.
    Called Animal control, did what they suggested, ie: rags soaked in ammonia. Everyone in our neighborhood covers their garbage cans. Not sure what their food source is, unless they find it elsewhere and sleep at our house. Smell comes thru the siding into the kitchen every other morning. It is nauseating and getting old.
    any other options?

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