3 Reasons Skunks Should Always Be Handled by a Professional

Skunks use their odor for protection - skunk striped visit property signs master trapper wildlife control expert help

Although we tend to fixate upon the foul odor for which skunks are so famous, there are other factors which make skunks dangerous when startled, as well as good reason to leave their handling to professional skunk handlers and wildlife control specialists.  Whether you hail from Merrie Old England, the Banks of the Mississippi or right here in northern Virginia, here are three reasons why you should always call a professional skunk handler.

Skunks are more than cute

A common mistake many people make when thinking about skunks is to consider them in the way that Hollywood and the film industry has portrayed them—namely, as cute, if odious, animals.  In much the same way that panda bears and raccoons may look cute and cuddly but are in fact complex creatures with a definite set of threats attached to them, skunks can likewise pose a definite threat if you’re not trained to deal with their claws, biting, demeanor, and, of course, their spray.

Skunk Spray

Skunk spray has likewise been portrayed as rather cartoonish and, indeed, something to laugh about.  However, there’s more than meets the eye, or nose, when it comes to skunk spray, and it’s certainly more potent and powerful than it looks.  Beyond merely making you smell for a while, spray has the potential to harm or even blind you.  It should not be taken lightly, and as such, specially-trained animal control experts are needed.


There’s a lot of important information about skunks and how they operate in their natural habitat which you likely don’t know; as such, again, it’s important to contact a professional when dealing with this creature.

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