3 Signs That a Skunk Might Have Visited Your Home

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Skunks use their odor for protection - skunk striped visit property signs master trapper wildlife control expert help

You may or may not know if there has been a skunk visiting your property, but there are plenty of viable signs that will let you know either way.  Skunks are known for a variety of specific (and often repulsive) characteristics.  When you know what to look for it will be a lot easier to remedy the problems associated with this animal.  Although assuming is never recommended, there are three basic signs that can give you a good idea as to whether or not a skunk has recently visited your property.

The Obvious and Infamous Skunk Odor

Stinky skunks are synonymous with foul odor.  Their unique and pungent smell is actually used as a deterrent from predators.  Because of this, the odor is quite remarkable; and it’s quite disgusting too.  Moreover, the lewd stench lingers in the surrounding air for long periods of time – a technique that is designed to give the skunk the chance to run away.  Smelling the tell-tale skunk odor is a sure sign that your property has been visited in the recent past.

Holes in the Equation

Skunks like to burrow, hide their food, and dig for goodies in your yard, especially around your trash receptacles.  Look for holes in your property to adequately determine whether or not a skunk or two has been hanging out in your yard.  If you do find holes, don’t simply cover them back up and assume the problem is solved.  By the time you witness any holes in the ground, you will probably need professional help to get things done effectively.  Keep in mind that holes can be a sign of several different types of animal; so getting expert advice is not a bad idea.

Finding and Forsaking the Food Source

If you have an easily accessible food source for skunks, then you can pretty much bet that your property has recently been visited.  Skunks are rampant in the woods of Northern Virginia; and at night while you sleep they spend their time scavenging for a food source of any kind.  Much like raccoons, skunks will topple over trash bins, tear open boxes, and rip apart bags in search of dinner.  To stop this from happening, locate any and all possible food sources on your property and then follow up with the appropriate measures to make that food inaccessible to the local skunk population.

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