Squirrel Traps Alone May Not Solve Your Squirrel Problem

Squirrels can be adorable but also carry disease

As cute and fun an animal as squirrels may appear to be, there’s a time and place for wildlife immersion, and that certainly doesn’t include your living room or kitchen.  Squirrels are potentially dangerous carriers of disease and, as wild animals, can wreak havoc in a domestic setting.  Many home owners have taken to setting up squirrel traps in order to catch the furry fiends, but this is by no means a fast-and-easy solution, and here’s why:

Squirrels are Trap Shy

The basic concept behind a trap is that you lure your target to the trap with some form of bait, thereby trapping it.  All of this presumes one basic fact, that the animal in question will be attracted to the trap and won’t be shy about going near it.  There are quite a few instances in which an animal can experience “trap shyness.”  If that’s the case, for as effective or well-set-up as your trap may be, some squirrels and similar animals will simply experience “trap shyness” and successfully evade them.

Nature of Squirrels

This all comes down to the nature of squirrels themselves.  “Squirrely” has become an adjective for a reason, after all.  These critters can be difficult to pin down or catch.  What’s more, they’re extremely quick and agille; a trait which serves them well in the wild as they attempt to escape real predators.

Baby Squirrels

Then there’s the matter of baby squirrels.  Squirrels are a really precious sort of species, and of course seeing any of them harmed can be difficult.  That being said, it can be especially troublesome if you trap a baby squirrel.  Studies have shown that mammals are able to empathize across the species line to a certain extent.  As such, it should come as no surprise that we as human beings can feel a great deal of empathy for trapped babies.  It can be traumatic and tragic, which is one more reason you should consult a trained animal care expert who will be able to get rid of your pest problem while still finding these young critters a good home.

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